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Tips to Learn Arabic Easily and Quickly for Beginners

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The general basis that must be known when learning Arabic is the alphabet/letters (حرف), words (كلمة), and sentences (جملة). There are 28 alphabet/letters (حرف) in Arabic which consist of 3 vowels. Then there are also the letters jar, nasab, and jazm which have their respective functions. 

Words in Arabic are known as kalimah (كلمة) which consist of 2 words, namely nouns (اسم) and verbs (فعل). In Arabic also recognizes the sentence (جملة) namely the number of ismiyyah (جملة الاسمية) and the number of fi'liyah (جملة الفعلية). 

In addition, there are further basics that must be learned, namely Arabic language rules such as syntax (نحو), morphology (صرف), and others. Then to help in learning Arabic, you are required to know or memorize vocabulary (مفردات) to facilitate learning. 

After everything is done, it must often be practiced through speaking (محادثة) and writing (كتابة) so that they can understand better. However, what must be remembered as tips when learning Arabic is to be consistent in learning and practicing and always repeating it so that it is not easy to forget.   

Learn Grammar in Arabic (Qawaid).

  • Syntax (Nahwu) 

Knowledge that must be known when learning Arabic is nahwu (نحو). The function of nahwu (نحو) in Arabic is to help reading punctuation marks. You can imagine how to read Arabic letters without punctuation, it must be very difficult. 

The use of nahwu (نحو) in Arabic to make it easier to find grammatical rules (i'rab) and as a punctuation mark (حركات). 

By studying the science of nahwu, it can reduce errors in reading Arabic, especially in reading Arabic books because the mistake of reading one punctuation mark (حركات) in Arabic will change its meaning. Therefore, studying nahwu is highly recommended.

  • Morphology (Sharf) 

In Arabic, morphology is called sharf (صرف), which is the study of changes from one word to many word forms. This change in the form of the word is called tasrif (تصرف). 

The function of the sharf (صرف) in Arabic is to express the correct meaning and avoid interpreting the meaning that can damage the word. 

The science of sharf (صرف) shows that the basic word of a pronunciation can be known through word changes that occur such as the addition of letters or subtraction or omission which the process greatly affects the change in the meaning of the word. Therefore, it is important to learn the sharf (صرف) in Arabic.

Memorize a Lot of Vocabulary.

  • Tips for Memorizing Vocabulary (Mufradat)

Knowing a lot of vocabulary (مفردات) is a plus when learning Arabic. Having a lot of vocabulary (مفردات) knowledge will help in understanding the meaning of words either in reading or listening. 

In contrast to those who do not know the meaning of the vocabulary because they will be confused and do not know the meaning of the word. Tips for adding and memorizing vocabulary are 
  1. Read Arabic books and their translations will increase vocabulary knowledge. 
  2. View and memorize Arabic vocabularies (مفردات) and their meanings through dictionaries such as the Al-Munawwir dictionary. 
  3. Translate Arabic into Indonesian or vice versa with simple sentences. This is all done in order to become more understanding and not easily forget the vocabulary (مفردات).

Practice Writing and Speaking. 

  • Writing Practice (Kitabah)

Writing exercises (كتابة) such as making simple sentences will help in writing correct Arabic so that the language pattern is not  messy. 

Frequent Arabic writing exercises (كتابة) will have an impact such as correct understanding of writing and Arabic rules and speaking practice will become easier because has understand how to write Arabic.

  • Conversation Practice (Muhadasah) 

After understanding good and correct Arabic writing. Next, it can be practiced through speaking exercises with friends such as conversations (محادثة). 

The purpose of this conversation (محادثة) is to get used to talking and will get feedback or input from friends about mistakes made during the conversation (محادثة).


Knowing the basics of Arabic, learning grammar, and memorizing vocabulary and practicing writing and speaking Arabic are just one of the many ways to learn Arabic. Learning Arabic is not difficult if it is done with the right steps and methods. 

In addition, the role of the teacher is very much needed when learning Arabic so that when learning becomes more focused. However, the main key when learning Arabic is frequent practice and repetition.

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